Dagens Country on West Side Twang

dagens country

“The California country scene is often described as a bit forgotten and neglected in comparison to the Southern scene. Could be reasons for that but young country artist Kimmi Bitter is determined to tilt the scales. Her own scales were long hidden, since stagefright only allowed her to perform in darkness with close friends as audience. Kimmi’s from Oceanside, San Diego and idled musically until 17 when she picked up her guitar and haven’t put it down since. Bitter rejected any music made after the birth of Rubik’s Cube and buried herself in the blues, forming brilliant blues rock band The Night Howls. Today she drops vintage country debut West Side Twang, a marvelous throwback tribute to the deserted sounds of the sands. Could be the digital revolution sparked a counter-revolution ’cause the EP was recorded with a live band to analog tape. The man of steel is heavy occupied throughout and Bitter’s voice is as clear and country as the desert sky.” – Dagens Country

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