San Diego native Kimmi Bitter is the sweet rebellion against a country industry whose chart-topping artists fit a predictable top 40 mold. Somewhat a throwback between 1960’s pop-country and the Californian singer-songwriter, her debut EP “West Side Twang” is styled around the classic sounds of Patsy Cline with The Jordanaire’s, Loretta Lynn, and Linda Ronstadt. 

“West Side Twang” is about the tape hiss, real human vocal pads taking place over a modern synth, tracking the innate energy of a live band, rawness and the imperfections that our perfectly produced music society lacks. Music is a tool for making human connection and people are hungry for it. A connection that thrives through empathy, vulnerability, authenticity, truth, flaws — and “West Side Twang” is a vision directed towards that.